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Now is the time to get yourself (or your rascals) outside and look at your garden area. I have my garden right up by my house so I remember to take care of it and it’s easy access. Start by getting rid of all the old weeds and debris. If there are any diseased leaves or plant remnants be sure to burn those, do not compost them. Redefine the edges of your garden and refresh the soil. Your garden needs biologies added to the soil because overtime the soil is stripped of nutrients. Did you know that back in the day a person could eat one apple and get tons of nutrients but now a person would have to eat 26 apples to get that same nutrients, that’s how depleted the soil has become of it’s goodness. This is where organic Purple Cow compost comes into play. It is chuck full of beneficial bacteria and fungus that will provide nutrition to your plants throughout the growing season, which makes your fruits and veggies more nutritious. Plus, you are working with Mother Nature and improving soil life. (Synthetic fertilizers work against Mother Nature and eventually make your soil worse) The Purple Cow is the best compost I’ve seen on the market. Spread 2 inches of Purple Cow compost on top of your existing garden soil and work it into the ground when planting. If you are doing a new garden, mix 1 part Purple Cow to 2 parts existing soil. You can get Purple Cow compost here at Greenleaf Landscaping & Gardens. We sell it in 1 cubic foot bags for 14.99. It is so worth it!! Call or stop in if you have questions!

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